Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Morning Stoop

Three sets of bare feet, and as many sets of pajamas - and the puppy of course.

2 milks, 2 pieces of swirl bread, and 1 orange juice.

Every morning the fours of us step out on to the front stoop of our porch.

Fig explores the yard. Big and little brother drink and eat as they talk between themselves.

I sit on the first step and try to say as little as possible :)

The morning air sometimes cool, more often now - thick, lets us is still summer.

We slowly wake up.

The two boys talk more and start to explore.

I am now able to respond to their questions.

"Mama, What's this?"  "Mama, Look at that."  "Mama, What is that noise?"

After a few more minutes, it is off to the races. :)

Thanks for reading.

 - brook.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Asheville Summer 2014

Recently we took the first of several road trips we will take this summer.

First stop. Asheville, North Carolina.

Here we spent time with one precious little nugget we don't get to see that often.

My most favorite thing of this trip was the three sweets you see above. All birthed within a span of 16 months, these little cousins are three birds who love to flock together.

Every time we get them together, it is the happiest and most comfortable reunion. When we have to part ways, they look at us parents with such if to say "Hey, he belongs with me.....where is he going."

I love being with them as they bumble along through their day - a band of three.

One lazy afternoon, we strolled through the neighborhood in search of treasure.

Oh, my goodness, this moment was one of those where time stood still as we took in all the noises, smells, and sights through the eyes of our three little ones.

So much we found together.

Including a round, hard object we weren't sure about......

Until he peeped his little head out and started on his way.

Thanks for reading.

- brook.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hold You Me

"Hold You Me." "Hold You Me, mama"

That is what [B] says when he wants to be picked up and held.

Usually, he immediately rests his head on my shoulder.

A perfect 'hold - you - me'....not just me holding him, but him holding me.

Today, he turned two.

The one with blueberry blue eyes and a smile worth a million bucks is turning two.

Gosh, he reminds me of his daddy - patient, kind, stubborn - slow to wake in the morning, quick to forgive.

I love him and how perfect he is for our family. I felt rushed by the 15 month gap, but the Lord knew that we needed this sweetest little one.

Photo taken of [B] and his daddio in 2013 by the amazing Jessica Wright-Moore.

Thanks for reading.

- brook.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sweet Disobedience

We were enjoying an unusually pleasant late June afternoon in the shade.

The boys disappeared around the corner of the house as I gave the 'final' call to go inside.

I started to put the bikes away and called them again........silence.

"[F]!, [B]!"....silence.

"If you hear me, you better answer so I know where you are!".......silence.

I walked around the back ready to get on to them for playing with the hose.


I have almost decided - they can't help it, there is some sort of atmospheric magnetic pull drawing them to the hose - that is the only reason they would disobey their mama this many times :)

Sure enough, they were with the hose, but I had to stop....

because big brother was washing little brother's feet.

"Does that feel better?" "Does that feel better, [B]?"

"Yeah, brother, yeah.....thanks"

They then turned off the hose and walked past me into the garage.

The sweetness continued as big brother took off little brother's sandals and helped him through the door.

They are good boys.

They do love each other.

I let these thoughts rush over me so they will be there in all the other moments when their disobedience isn't so sweet :)

Thanks for reading.

- brook.